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I feel zero. A bits of weird. A bits of shock. Something confusing me. I don't know what I feel towards him. I don't know why I am thinking of him. I don't know what type of feeling is this.  He is mysterious. And yeah I don't know  how to unlock it  them.

     I'm just a person who feel that it is a waste to think about other's problem or life. And I hate something that makes me to think. Yeahh I'm lazy in thinking. I know it is a bad habit for my brain. Well, thinking is a step to genius #myquote=p  I am just a person who don't like to care about someone else. There are many things to care about me rather than to care about the others. You know what, my favourite words is 'Lantak ah dia' & 'Biarlah dia'. Haaa tu diaaaa.

      But now, I'm thinking of him. Hell? That is what I feel. Shizzzzzzzzz. Ciss ignore all that distractor !  Shuhh ! Shuhhh ! Espiem is just around your corner. Hmmmph =s Just think about your future please, sayang. Tsk tsk. Think about your parents. Your pride <-- whoa! Your further destination. Ehhhapehakumerepekni? Hehs~

     Ya Allah, please forgive me, my parents & all the muslimin muslimat in this whole-wide-world. Please help me to facilitate the affair. Please show me the right track of my journey. Please make me a great muslimah. Please give your barakah into my studies. Into my whole life. You know what is the best for me. Amin ya Rabbal Al-Amin. =')

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