They're kinda mysterious and maybe dangerous. You'll never know. But at the same time, they will be the person that will help you when you were in trouble in the middle of nowhere. 


You'll never know. 

Supposedly, they're good but some bad people make all the strangers look bad which is sad.

I love strangers. Idk but I can fall in love with them real quick. And I'll remember them forever. Alhamdulillah, for this 20 yrs I've lived, I have never met the bad kind of stranger. They seems bad but trust me they're not hihi.

I took all my mom's advice except this one thing. "Bersangka baik tapi simpan sedikit perasaan buruk sangka kat strangers". Yeah, she said that because she has been cheated by many persons when she was helping them. and of course, she makan garam more than me. So, she is just trying help me to face the reality of the world. 

But I just can't. I easily sympathized people and I easily felt guilty if  I can't do anything to help them.

So, here is the story.

I am the person who loved to walk alone. Yes, I have friends. But sometimes, it's good to be alone. Dengar macam creepy ke loner? XD So, the minutes you walked or traveled by yourself is the moment you could see the world clearly. 

Is it true?
Or it is just for me?

Idk for others, but sometimes I love to see the people around me. See what they're doing, how they treat their kids, how they talked and see how beautiful they are. Okay, now I really sounds like a creep hahaha. But it's called observing kay ahahaha

So I studied at CFSIIUM and I explored KL by bus, LRT & commuter (even the prices are kinda expensive after they increased 'em). So there was a time I joined this photography kinda thing called '24hourproject' which requires you to post a picture every hour in one day. Yes, even at 3 a.m. And of course I didnt do it for the whole day hahaha. Usually they held this programme on 1st March every year. And it must be street photography! Yes I forgot to mention this haha.

Okay back to the story, when I was joining this programme, I walked alone all over Masjid Jamek & Pasar Seni. Then, at the bridge of the Pejabat Pos, there was a man. Chinese-looked.


And there is me.
NICE, screw myself.

 I have nowhere to go but straight and he is in front of me also walking towards me. So,  I act as a cool person padahalllll dalam hatiiii XD 

Then, he approached me and asked for help. I asked "What is it?" and he showed me a cigarette box. He asked me to buy it.  I startled and like "muka aku macam hisap rokok ke?". But I didn't say anything la and wait for his explanation. 

So, he was from Vietnam and studied here, but his wallet has been stolen and the cigarette is all he got to take LRT to his college. I didn't remember where. But, he asked me so politely to buy the cigarette for at least, he got some money to go back..

So, that's what make me think that he is a good person. I wanted to help him but I don't want the cigarette, though. and I don't have friends who smoke even if I could buy the cigarette. 

So, I opened my wallet in front of him. And gave him some money. Not much but maybe enough for his transportation. He thanked me and I walked away quickly (my job is not finished yet XD). Suddenly, he ran to me and gave a keychain. Maybe it is also the only thing that he got at the moment to show his gratitude. I refused because I just want to help him. And that's it.  But, he insisted so, I have no choice but to accept it (and I dont want to stay any longer). 

And I still keep the keychain until now. For what?
I don't know, it's a memory?
Because he is good-looking? LOL

Okay, now here is the issue, when I think again, it was a really dangerous action. I was too 'bersangka baik' of that person.

He might snatch my wallet when I opened it in front of him.
He might pukau me.
He might do anything to me as there was no person around.
He might put up an act with his friends to set a prank.
He might deceive me with his kindness.

But, I don't know. I don't have the time to think that the person might do any bad thing. For me, when anyone asked for help, I'll help as long as I could. Especially when it is strangers. Because you know they are desperate!! Like freaking desperate. 

When you are desperate, you will do anything, right? Even talk to someone who you don't even know. Even do the thing you have never done before i.e ask for money. Yeah, can you imagine being at that guy's situation?

So, I think it is my responsible to help them if they asked me. Just imagine if you helped that person, you might save a life. You also migt be remembered by that person for their whole life. And Allah will easily send someone to help you in the future.

Put aside whether they cheated and what not. If you have time to follow that person to see whether they really cheat or not, that might be better. But for me, I'll just let it be. The rest is his matter with Allah.

Ustaz Azhar Idrus pun ada cakap, kalau kita tolong orang yang menipu kita.Kita akan dapat dua pahala. 

Pahala menolong orang.
Pahala kena tipu.

So, you have nothing to lose and more to gain, man! So, let's spread the kindness to the whole world hihi :)

p/s : But, don't be like me, I admit my action is so dangerous that I didnt even tell my parents about this incident. So, do it in your on way. Safely, I mean.

p/s/s : Mind the grammar.

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