Dear Mama.

Dear Mama,
I regret that I waste the time to be with you.
I hate that I am not reassuring enough for you.
I am sorry for not being a good daughter to you.

I said sorry.
But, I did it again.
I cared.
But not as much as you care for me.

Dear Mama,
I prayed to God that He will give all your sufferings to me.
It's okay.
As long as you will be healthy.
As long as you will be happy.

I prayed to God that you will be able to live longer than me.
All of us need you. 
All of us must have you.


He has the best plans for us.
He knows we need you.
He knows we are longing for you.
Allah knows. Everything.


He also knows that He will never put us in a situation that we can't handle.

Dear Mama,
Now, I only could pray that He will forgive all your sins. Our sins.
May my prayer will be heard. May my prayer will be granted.
So, we will meet again up there.

The Quran

Nik Rahanah binti Mohamed (16/12/1960 - 13/2/2017)

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